کتاب Digital analysis of remotely sensed imagery

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Digital analysis of remotely sensed imagery یا آنالیز دیجیتال تصاویر سنجش از دوری به زبانی آسان  و با حداقل واژگان فنی ، نوشته شده است،  این کتاب پوشش کاملی از کل فرآیند تجزیه و تحلیل داده های از راه دور را به منظور تولید بازنمایی دقیق در سرفصل های موضوعی ارائه می دهد.

در این کتاب ذخیره سازی داده های سنجش از راه دور، سیستم تجزیه و تحلیل تصویر، اصلاح تصویر، تصویر افزایش، طبقه بندی تصویر، دقت تشخیص ارزیابی،چینج دکتکشن، کلاسه بندی و طبقه بندی تصاویر، ادغام تجزیه و تحلیل تصویر با استفاده از GIS / GPS … و بسیاری موارد دیگر توضیح داده شده است.

Digital analysis of remotely sensed imagery

Digital analysis of remotely sensed imagery

پیش گفتار Digital analysis of remotely sensed imagery

Digital image analysis is a field that crosses the boundaries of several disciplines. Digital analysis of remotely sensed data for managing the environment of the Earth and its natural resources, however, differs from medical image processing and imaging processing in electrical engineering in three ways. First, the object of study is different.

Satellite images are snapshots of the Earth’s surface, which lies in a state of constant change. These changes need to be monitored from multitemporal images to identify the longitudinal trends. Second, the data used are captured over a much longer wavelength range, extending into the thermal infrared and microwave spectrum, usually recorded in the multispectral domain.

Their enhancement and classification require an understanding of the interaction between solar radiation and the Earth’s surface. Finally, the objective of image analysis is different. A very significant component of digital analysis of remotely sensed data is to convert them into useful information on land cover/land use over the Earth’s surface.

The derived information is usually presented in graphic (map) format at a certain scale. In order to make the map conform to certain cartographic standards, image geometry and the accuracy issue must be addressed and featured prominently in digital image analysis. This book aims at providing exhaustive coverage of the entire process of analyzing remotely sensed data for the purpose of producing an accurate and faithful representation of the Earth’s resources in the thematic map format.

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